SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is concerned with the content and mechanics of the company website itself. The goal of SEO is to see the company website rise to the top on Search Engine Result Pages. This is accomplished by continuously adjusting – monitoring – adjusting again, the content and mechanics of your website to achieve the desired results.

When starting a business that you wish to promote online, the place to begin is with your own website. You want your website to rise to the top of the results that a search engine returns when someone searches for a term that just might point to your website. But, how do you do that?

Suppose that your website is selling widgets. If all the text on your website is about the latest archeological discovery concerning dinosaurs, it’s a safe bet that the word “widget” doesn’t appear once on your website. And it follows from that, that your website is not going to be listed on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) when someone searches for “widget.”

If you insert the word “widget” on your website, there is a possibility that your website may show up in the SERPS. What you have just done is to begin the optimization of your website for a search engine. But you are a long ways from completing the optimization of your website.

So, aside from removing all the talk about dinosaurs from the website and talking about nothing but widgets is the best beginning. As you construct your website, you need to keep this in mind. All of your website activity should be directed to this single purpose: keep your website relevant to what you are trying to sell or promote.

At Linear Output we can assist you in building your website with the end in mind. And we won’t have any dinasaurs.

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